29 Feb 1992

Relating to art with no mediation results in a powerful, straightforward flow of emotions.

Paola Bona views her painting as a way of “living”, watching and re-interpreting the colours that surround her, as well as reproducing with passion and vigour all that strikes her.

The emotional relationship that turns into a philosophy of art represents a mere response to an intense need to react to an individual, an event or an occurrence that strikes this artist’s imagination and forces her to re-interpret the same and set it free from her mind through her pictorial display.

Thus, the search for – and the study of – colours represent preferential tools for the artist’s achievements, a direct line to her own personal events, which cannot be separated and, at the same time, are mutually dependent. "Instinct gets me to make a painting time after time,” Paola Bona says. “The peculiar balance of pictorial portraying results from a complex pattern of elements, figures and symbols that permeate one another, in the final search for strong, bright and self-confident colours."

When you observe one of Paola Bona’s works, you feel as if you were run over with energy originated from the abstract and figurative art themes.

"I had to stop painting for a very long time,Paola Bona explains. “Then, I met a person who was able to awake the creative nature of art in a very natural way: this got me to paint on canvas. At present, I live in a place surrounded by the wildlife, where the colours all around me continuously evoke weaves and achievements that need be passed down.

As I live a life in which every visual form turns to art and every suggestion demands to be allowed to flow through the painting, words take a different meaning too, i.e. a deeper, truer meaning. "This happened when I met poetess Silvia Rosa and heard her recite. Her poems, which sometimes feature as sharp expressions as slaps, showed the same strength and the same emotional relationship I have always established with my paintings. I did want to meet Silvia Rosa: our collaboration is by now far too known.

So, “Colours and Words” (this is how P. Bona’s exhibition was named) blend together in a balanced and truly expressive way: a set of twenty-five distempers that put together a world of real facts of living – a world that stands near and, yet, has been re-interpreted by an artist that cannot do without her own art.

The twenty-five distempers express a straightforward relationship, an immediate flow between the artist’s emotions and the search for colours aimed to form a spontaneous mosaic able to turn a life’s suggestions (taken from nature, persons and poetry) into vivid and overwhelming art expressions.

This is how we can describe Paola Bona, a painter who lives her own emotions quite truly on her canvas and who feels that the balance and pragmatism of feelings should be disclosed by any means, by spontaneously giving rise to the works they represent.

Giovanni Vagnone di Trofarello e di Celle


Paola Bona’s exhibition at Palazzo Paravia (situated in Piazza Statuto, Turin) provides an optimum blend of abstract art and figurative art. The exhibition is entitled “Colours and Words” and includes twenty-three distemper works capable of representing an immediate flow alternating the painter’s emotions with her search for colours aimed to create such a mosaic that will transform her life’s suggestions, taken from the wildlife, her encounters with persons and poetry.

Paola Bona (born in Turin in 1963, mentored by Francesco Preverino, graduated at Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti, under the tutelage of Nicola Maria Martino and Francesco Casorati, in 1986, and active in the Piedmontese capital city since then) views her relationship to art with no mediation – a relationship able to express a powerful, straightforward flow of emotions. The emotional relationship will therefore be capable of representing the strong need to react when confronting with an individual or any one living being, which may strike the artist’s imagination, whose art tool is based on the search for – and the study of – colours. Every visual form turns to art, which cannot exclude the meaning of words, also considering Paola Bona’s deep emotional bond with poetry. 

Mara Martellotta

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